Tristan Martinez 

BFA 2020 The Art Institute of Chicago

Photography • Book Making • Screen Printing



School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) BFA 2020 

Glendale Community College (2014 - 2018)

Solo Exhibitions

The Quiet Life, I used to Be Pretty (Los Angeles, California) 2018 

Group Exhibitions

The Big Show, My Pet Ram (New York, NY) 2021

It’s Right There in Front of You, Garver Feed Mill (Madison, WI) 2021

You Thought to Think?, The Latent Space (Chicago, Illinois)  2021

The School of The Art Institute BFA Exhibition (Chicago, Illinois) 2020

CICA Museum, Color 2020 (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) 2020 

Best of Quarantine, Float Magazine  (Online Exhibition) 2020

Chicago Artist Book Fair (Chicago, Illinois) 2019

Bucktown Variety Show, 2510 W. Courtland (Chicago, Illinois) 2019

Showcase Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) 2019

 Tainted Paradise, Embed Gallery (Los Angeles, California) 2019

The Art Gallery @GCC, Glendale Community College, Spring Group Show (Glendale, California) 2018

Vape Goat, (Los Angeles, California) 2017 


You Thought to Think?, The Latent Space (Chicago, Illinois)  2021

Grants, Fellowships, & Awards

The Bridge on Your Way Out Grant (2020)

The Fred Endsley Memorial Fellowship (2020/2021)

Blank Canvas: Latitude Chicago (2020)

The 2020 Lenscratch Top 25 to Watch: Next Up 

Merit Scholarship School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2018-2020)

Public Collections 

Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection (Chicago, Illinois) 

Heads, Baggie, Take a Look, I Used to be Pretty second edition, Knee Sweat, For Now.


Heads, Self Published, 2020

Baggie, self published, 2020

School of The Art Institute of Chicago,  Photo Catalogue 2019-2020

I Used to be Pretty second edition, self published, 2019

Knee Sweat, self published, 2019

For Now, self published, 2019

Take a Look, self published, 2019

I Used to be Pretty, Lulu, 2018

While You Weren’t Looking, self published, 2018

The Ladder, self published, 2018


All Cities Are Beautiful, Heads 2021

Anti Hero Press, Heads, 2021

Broad Magazine, Heads, 2021

Everything is Narrative, Subjectively Objective 2021

Investigations in Infrastructure, Subjectively Objective 2021

Lens Scratch, For Name Sake, Tristan Martinez, 2021

Lens Scratch, Photographers on Photographers: Tristan Martinez in conversation with Jason Fulford , 2021

Musée Magazine, Exhibition Review, "You Thought to Think?, 2021

Musée Magazine, Flash Fiction, Selected Photographs, 2021 

Paradise Magazine, Heads, 2021

 Sad Bird Books, Artist Issue 1: Tristan Martinez, 2021

Aint-Bad, Heads, 2020 

Broad Magazine, Selected Photographs, 2020 

 Float Magazine, Selected Photographs, 2020 

Paradise Magazine, Selected Photographs, 2020 

Zone Magazine,Selected Photographs, 2020 

Nothing is Interesting and Everything is Normal, Sad Bird, 2019 

Paradise Magazine, Selected Photographs, 2019 

Find Rangers issue 20, Book and Job Gallery, 2019 

Rental Magazine, Selected Photographs, 2019 

Find Rangers issue 19, Book and Job Gallery, 2019 

School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Photo Catalogue 2018-2019

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